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No School Like the Old School

When it comes to cars, and especially the world of 4×4 and off-roading, there are two schools on what makes a car great and they are of course the new school and the old school. New school push for new technology and cars with more computing power than Bill Gates’ allotment whereas old school yearn for technology to be left out of their cars.

Here at CWS 4×4 we are definitely more aligned with the old school and like to think that we help out a few old school off-roaders to keep their old school off roaders going, but what is so great about them? Well first…

They’re Cheap

A modern Range Rover starts at an eye watering £75,000 which means it is available to a very select few in society. There are also further implications to this price, do you think many people go off-roading or winching in their 75 grand Range Rover?


Old school off roaders on the other hand are available for significantly less, here are a few legendary options for a few tight budgets;

  • Land Rover Defender – available for under £3,000
  • Toyota Land Cruiser – Available for under £2,500
  • Suzuki Jimny – Available for under £1,000

Any one of these options give you some proper old school thrills for pretty tiny amounts of money.

They’re Fun

Remember the days when you actually had to drive a car? Modern cars all but drive themselves and require less and less input from the driver every year. Old school off-roader require a rather more deft touch though and you really have to learn their tricks to get the best out of them.

Imagine which is more fun, crossing water in a modern Range Rover by simply aiming for it and using the depth gauge to check it isn’t too deep. Or approaching in your old school car, expertly pushing a bow wave and following it whilst keeping the revs up and then gently creeping up the sludgy bank whilst giving it just the right amount of power.

Yep, it’s exciting just thinking about the old school off road thrills!

They’re Involving

As well as needing an expert touch to get the most out of, older cars are generally far easier to fix than the modern crop. A basic tool kit and a couple of oily hands are all you need to fix up legends such as the Defender and Jimny and expensive diagnostic equipment isn’t necessary.

As well as work being cheap, parts are also dirt cheap, whilst aftermarket parts are plentiful you’ll want to stick to official manufacturer parts for peace of mind.

So what are you waiting for, stop saving for that new Discovery and get yourself to the used car forecourts this weekend! Personally we’re a sucker for a Defender, the simple, go anywhere capability is just so attractive. Whichever classic you choose, know that when it needs a little TLC or you get a little carried away on a dirt trail, we are sure to have the bits that will get it back to health again.

For more information on the parts just pick up the phone and contact us on 01458 834930 and we’ll be more than happy to get you what you need.

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