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4x4 Engines

A 4x4s engine is the beating heart of the vehicle and provides the vital drive that is needed to get you to where you need to go. 4x4s are known for their incredible all round ability and this is thanks in part to the incredibly flexible and powerful engines that they utilise.
The power delivery of a 4x4s engine is very different to that of more conventional cars as they require a more flexible delivery in order to give power over more of the rev range. The magic ingredient for a 4x4 engine is torque; 4x4s are famed for their incredibly high torques figures. Torque is a form of power but is different to overall horsepower; imagine horsepower as the possible top speed and torque as how quickly a car can get there and you are not far off. Many 4x4 engines appear to have a modest power output but make up for this by having huge amounts of torque enabling them to go off road far easier.
By their very nature the engine in a 4x4 must be resilient and tough; it needs to be able to shrug off the everyday assault of driving on the roughest terrain. No matter how reliable these engines are, there are inevitably going to be ones that go wrong and need replacing and this can be a problem as they are often specific to that model of car. Even when parts are shared between several cars in the range the engines can still be specific to that single vehicle.
Here at CWS 4x4 we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of 4x4 engines to those that need a replacement. Our stock list of engines is constantly changing and we aim to have as wide a range as possible on offer at all times, for a full current stock list call us on 01458 834 930 or email us at [email protected].

4x4 engine and landover discovery engine by CWS 4x4

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