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About Us

35 years ago, Colin, the owner, was running a large fabrication site dealing with many environmental minded companies and councils all over the UK. CWS 4x4 was originally CWS Car Spares until we saw the growing market for 4x4 parts in the west country.

The need for 4x4 parts was becoming obvious in the countryside marketplace. Keith White decided to ?give it a go? and started buying 4x4 vehicles from insurance companies and other outlets. The 4x4 Section of CWS Nation-wide Parts was formed in 2001. We built a new warehouse in which to start processing 4x4 vehicles and parts.

In the beginning of 2002 the business was growing quicker than anticipated and Keith had to start looking at a technically minded team of dismantlers & salesmen. As with the booming marketplace for 4x4 parts as well as the sales, the cost of salvage 4x4s was enormous!

We started advertising in the Land Rover & 4x4 magazines monthly and slowly the calls were coming in from all the UK and the world. After a couple of months the return from the enormous expense of advertising world-wide was becoming apparent. The business was becoming larger and was becoming a 10 hour minimal working day with additional container shipping to world-wide destinations.

Keith, Colin's brother, started having companies abroad becoming agents for him and also the market for the 4x4 specialist and 'Joe Public' in this country was growing rapidly.

Incidentally Colin & Keith?s favourite hobby is car racing. Colin is racing Ginetta, Ascars & Hot Rods after becoming 3 times World Champion in Hotrods. Keith races long circuit saloon cars.

We break all major manufacturered 4x4 vehicles and are expanding our expertise and potential marketplace constantly.

CWS now has interests in car and 4x4 repair, salvage & parts, New Parts & Accessories and mechanical and electrical engineering from the drawing board (usually CAD) to final completion.