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4×4, do you want more? The Best 4×4 SUVs (Part 3)

We’ve already mentioned some of the best 4×4 SUVs of 2015 in part one and part two of these series, but there are still more great vehicles out there! SUVs and 4x4s continue on the fast track to becoming everyone’s favourites: they’re now the best selling cars in Europe, a historical achievement! Their off-road abilities and their appealing specifications make them attractive to many drivers.

2016 is turning out to be a great year for 4x4s and we’ve chosen a few of the best (so far) to talk about:


Porsche Macan

This four-wheeler offers a strong performance no matter the road conditions or the weather. While it’s an expensive car, it provides excellent engineering, boasting an automatic gearbox with seven speeds. This Porsche has the same wide tires at the rear that most Porsche sports cars offer, which shows in the suspension and the steering. It drives almost like a sports car, so it’s amongst the most flexible 4x4s in the market, which means it can perform just as well off the road as it does on the road.

Kia Sorento

This SUV is a large seven-seater, with a spacious interior and four-wheel drive as standard, which makes it great off-road. Although it only has a diesel option, drivers can choose between manual or automatic gearboxes. The Kia Sorento first appeared in 2002, but this is its third generation, bigger and more comfortable than before. These specifications make the Kia Sorento ideal for taking the family out for an off-road excursion, since it’s big enough to fit quite a few picnic baskets.

Range Rover Sport

This full-size Range Rover is a luxury SUV with a choice between V8 petrol or SDV6 diesel (which is more economic and doesn’t feel underpowered). It only accommodates five people comfortably, even though it’s marketed as a seven-seater, because the back seats are not very spacious. Still, that might not make a difference to you.

Its Terrain Response system is top quality and works well in snow, gravel, rocks, mud and sand, so its ability for off-road is spectacular. You can start your day by driving up a rocky mountain and finish it by returning home through a storm, and the car will still drive well. So even though this is an expensive car, it more than pays itself in performance.

Here at CWS 4×4, it goes without saying that we love cars, and we also like to share our knowledge with you, another car lover. If you’re looking for parts for your 4×4, look no further, because we can get you a great range of Land Rover breakers in the UK, great gearboxes for your car, and a wide variety of spare parts to complement your 4×4. Contact us for more information or give us a call on 01458 834930.

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