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4x4 Gearbox

A 4x4 gearbox has a lot more to deal with than a standard rear or front wheel drive car; it is essentially in the centre of the car and is responsible for distributing power4x4 Gearboxes from CWS 4x4between all four wheels. Serious 4x4s also often come equipped with a low range gearbox to accommodate off-road driving. Rather than the gears multiplying the RPM of the axle they actually slow the rotation down preventing wheel spin and allowing the vehicle to move slowly but with still maintain the power needed.

With the 4x4 gearbox being such a crucial part of the car it is critical that they are kept in proper working order as the car is entirely useless when they are not working. By their very nature gearboxes on 4x4s are tough and rugged; they are built to take the continual abuse that comes with regular on and off-road usage. No matter how reliable and tough a gearbox though, it is inevitable at some point in a 4x4s life that it will need a new one. There are often problems sourcing gearboxes though as they are usually specific to that model and even the model year making them hard to locate.

Here at CWS 4x4 we specialise in providing 4x4 gearboxes for all major manufacturers such as Land Rover. Our gearboxes are salvaged and re-conditioned to ensure that they are of the highest standard and are ready to be fit straight into your car.

To make sure that you can rest easy knowing that you have bought quality parts we also supply a 3 month warranty with all our gearboxes. This warranty is a mark of our own confidence in our products and the quality of the servicing that our experienced staff provide.

4X4 gear boxes have far more to deal with than that of your average hatch back or saloon car that is either front or rear wheel drive. The fact that the gearbox is in charge of sending power to all four wheels as opposed to just two means that the gearbox has double the amount of work to do. In 4x4 gear boxes, the power is sent from the engine, through the gear box, to a central transfer box and then distributed to the front and rear differentials and on to the wheels as required.

4x4 Gear Box Wear

The nature of this usage means that 4x4 gear boxes receive a lot of wear and are considered a ‘consumable’ as they will deteriorate over the life of the car. Once a 4x4 gear box gets worn beyond a certain point it begins to be unsafe as the gears become too worn and cannot be selected or cause slip.

Replacement 4x4 Gear Boxes

Once your gearbox is past its best, it doesn’t mean that the vehicle is no good anymore and is simply a signal for it to be changed. There is a common misconception that 4x4 gear boxes are painfully expensive to replace but here at CWS 4x4 we are committed to keeping 4x4s on the road (as well as off-road). We have a wide selection of 4x4 replacement parts including several 4x4 gearboxes that are sure to be a perfect refresh for your car.

With gear boxes for all major manufacturers, it doesn’t matter what your favourite 4x4 is, we are sure to be able to help you keep it in perfect condition. For details on parts, simply contact us today and our friendly team will be happy to help.