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The King is Dead! Who is the New King?

Some time ago now it was reported that the Land Rover Defender would cease production in 2015 due to new emissions legislation. After months of hoping that Land Rover would pander to this by upping the environmental credentials of this 4×4 legend, it appears that no last minute stay of execution will come. Having spawned from the Series 1 Land Rover of 1948 this year essentially will be the last of 67 years of production! to find out why we love it so dearly simply press play below;

Those that own Defenders know that they are literally irreplaceable, as they offer simply unparalleled off road performance for a relatively low price (a little over £25,000). With no replacement from Land Rover until at least 2016 many 4×4 buyers are posed with the question of ‘what should I buy instead?’

Thankfully in this blog we have put together three of the best options for those who want a great value, capable off road car for around £25,000;

Dacia Duster

Dacia is the value arm of Renault and has become the ‘go to’ name for those looking for seriously cheap motoring. Their off road option is the Duster and at £11,495 with four wheel drive it is seriously cheap!

As well as cheap, this relatively small 4×4 is very capable as it has all the essential ingredients such as raised ride height, light weight and steep departure angles. If you are looking for a cheap vehicle that will be surprisingly capable off road then we could not recommend it highly enough.

Perhaps you’re looking for a little more equipment or a premium feel; if so this next option may well be the perfect option for you.

Kia Sportage

Until recently Kia were mocked for building fragile and boring cars that were justified only by their low prices. Now though Kia is serious contender in many sections of the market, not least the small 4×4 market, and their Sportage is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable 4×4.

While it can’t compete with the Dacia in terms of price, at only £21,500 it is still exceptionally well priced and comes with tons of equipment as standard. Another great selling point is the 7 year warranty that is offered with all new Kia models, so even if something does go wrong, they’ve got your back.

Land Rover Freelander

As the undisputed best at building capable 4x4s (pipe down Jeep) it seems an obvious choice to replace Land Rover with Land Rover and the Freelander is an exceptionally good option. Weighing in at a very respectable £23,495 it is a great option in terms of value and with all the off road essentials it certainly ticks the box for off road capability.

Due to the fact that it is to be replaced in the next few months by the new Discovery Sport there are sure to be plenty of late model cars available at bargain prices, so get to the showrooms soon!

Mazda CX-5

Mazda has a long history of making great value cars that are reliable and surprisingly pleasant to own and this latest 4×4 offering is no different. At a little over £25,000 the CX-5 is a spacious, comfortable and capable 4×4 that should be perfect for those that are looking to replace a Defender with something a little less agricultural.

With a powerful 2.2 litre Diesel engine powering all four wheels and excellent standard equipment levels Mazda are scoring favour with all major motoring publications, and you would surely never be disappointed by this car. If you want to know how it will cope with towing then feel free to hit play on the video below in which Jeremy Clarkson, James May and the Stig ‘test’ the car with a hot lap of the Top Gear test track.

Mitsubishi Shogun

For those that want to lose nothing in terms of off-road ability and reliability the Mitsubishi may well be the best possible option. With 7 seats, a huge boot and incredible off road ability this vehicle loses little but heritage to the legendary Defender. At a little over £26,000 the Shogun is the most expensive on the list but in terms of off-road ability this vehicle is head and shoulders above the other vehicles on this list.

Whilst this car may be a little agricultural in comparison to the Freelander and CX-5 it’s still a refined proposition when pitched against a Defender. With an incredibly gutsy 3.2 litre diesel engine and low range gear box, if you managed to get yourself stuck in one of these then suffice to say you will need a tractor to get you out.

Whichever option you choose there really isn’t a bad choice in this list and you are sure to be surprised and impressed by the capabilities and comfort of these 4x4s when compared to a Defender. However, if you’re committed to keeping your Old Faithful Land Rover going then there is a sixth option that may interest you.

Repairing and updating your machine is significantly cheaper than buying new and can yield great results. Whether you choose to replace or upgrade parts, don’t forget that as one of the leading 4×4 breakers in the country we are sure to be able to find you the parts that you need.

Whatever it is that you need, don’t hesitate to contact us today and our team of experienced and friendly experts will be more than happy to help!

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