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The Benefits of Rear Locking Differential

A well-performing car is essential for everyday life, but even more so when off-roading. Having the best performing components in your vehicle, then, is integral to ensure not only a smooth overall ride but also your safety. One way that you can do this is through differential locking in your rear wheels.

But, what is locking differential and how does it affect your 4×4 experience?

What is Locking Differential?

In certain situation, a differential can actually make a great difference to a four-wheel driving experience. It is a modification to the typical automotive differential, which restricts two wheels on an axle at the same rotational speed regardless of the traction they are experiencing independently. On road, this offers fantastic benefits, as the action is automatic and negates the need for driver intervention or stopping. Meaning that continuous driving is possible at all times.

It works by targeting engine power at the rear wheels, whilst acting as a gear reduction and doing so whilst allowing them to rotate at different times.

Off Road Performance

Whilst this system is great for on road situations, for those wanting a full off-road experience this could be a great system to invest in also. However, in heavy articulation situations – where the car’s suspension is stretched to its furthest – such as when driving over a ridge, the wheels of your vehicle are likely to lose traction as they become airborne. This could cause the 4×4 to become stuck. So, being able to direct power to the back wheels and keep moving forward is before better for the vehicle as a whole and the environment – it cuts out the need for potentially damaging speed run-ups.

However, it could also cause an unending amount of wheel spin that causes your 4×4 to be stuck. Like with many things there are both advantages and disadvantages to the system.

We at CWS 4×4 want to make sure that the drivers on the roads are as safe as possible, which is why we provide spare parts for people who have 4x4s, as they are one type of vehicle that is more likely to experience problems during winter.

If you want to know more, then contact us today; we will be more than happy to help.

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