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More Strange Sounds That Could Signal Repair

Hearing unfamiliar noises coming from different areas of your car can be concerning, as you might not know whether the source of the noise is due to a fault in your car which could be potentially dangerous whilst you’re driving on the road. We’ve already discussed just some of the noises that you’re likely to hear in the event of a faulty part, but here are some more just in case we didn’t cover your problem!

With any problem with your car, it’s always important to get any problems fixed as soon as possible so that you don’t put yourself at risk, and you avoid any costly repairs that could have just been a quick fix if you got the problem seen to earlier.


If you hear the sound of scraping whilst driving, it could obviously be caused by something loose and hanging off your car and dragging on the road, or something which has got caught on the underside of your car and again is dragging along. However, if this isn’t the case, then there could be a problem with your brakes, such as worn brake shoes, or the brake motor is warped or brake drums are out of place.


If you start to hear a ticking sound, it usually comes from the engine and means that there is a problem with your valves; either they need to be adjusted or they’ve become stuck. Ticking could also be caused by low oil levels and the fact that it’s not reaching the top of the tank.


Hissing could be a sign of something slightly more serious and again, usually originates under the hood of your car which could signal a problem with your engine. Hissing usually means your engine is overheating or if your coolant is leaking.

If it’s because of overheating, you may see steam start to appear from under your hood, in which case you should stop immediately and wait for the engine to cool down before touching anything or attempting to replace coolant.


Rattling will most likely be because of a problem with your exhaust. The sound is similar to gravel rattling around and could be because there’s a hole in your exhaust or there’s a problem with your catalytic convertor. The noise will usually happen when the car is stationary, but will subside when the car is accelerating.

At CWS 4×4, we want you to be as safe as possible on the roads, so if you’ve identified an usual noise coming from anywhere in your car then it’s best to get it checked out as soon as possible so you can get back on the road in no time. If you’re in need of any spare Land Rover or Range Rover parts, then we stock various spares that you might need to get your vehicle back in top shape. For enquiries about any of our products, contact us at 01458 834 930.

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