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Maintenance Tips for Your Car in Spring

The winter is nearly over, and spring is just on the horizon. This change in season comes with a whole host of benefits, such as improved weather and longer lasting days. However, there are a couple of things that you need to ensure before you set off on the road.

Make Sure to Remove Any Leftover Salt

This can affect certain people compared to others, simply due to the sporadic weather that we get here in the UK. In harsh weather conditions, such as snow and ice, salt is used on the road to melt it, but this can cause serious damage to vehicles if left untreated. The salt can get into the undercarriage and promote rusting.

Because of this, make sure to properly wash the entire vehicle, including the undercarriage.

Man washing his car

Double Check the Suspension!

Potholes can be a popular site through the winter; they arise from the expansion, contraction, freezing, and thawing of water under the road. When water freezes, it expands, which causes the road to crack and result in potholes.

The number of potholes you might see during the spring season could be quite a lot, so make sure to avoid them, as they can damage your vehicle quite significantly. If you have accidentally driven over a pothole, you need to check your vehicle’s alignment and suspension.

Jacked car showing its leaf spring

Make Sure the Tyres are Fixed

The tyres are one of the most important parts of any vehicle, as they help to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle whilst driving. Therefore, it is important to check the pressure of your tyres, as well as the spare one.

The reason it’s important to check the pressure is because the cold weather during winter can cause the pressure within the tyres to decrease, which can be a hazard while on the road. It’s also important to check the tread of the tyre; the tread is responsible for ensuring the handling of the vehicle is as effective as possible.

Potholes and other obstacles that could occur during winter can damage the tread, meaning that handling issues could occur. As such, it is vital to double check all the tyres and replace them if necessary.

Mmechanic changing wheel of a modern car

Inspect the Brakes

If you talk to any driver about what you should keep an eye on the most, they will most likely say the brakes. Brakes that work properly help to ensure the safety of everyone that is within the vehicle, as well as the general public.

If salt gets into the tyres, this can affect the brakes and cause them to rust, making them less effective, which is something you don’t want. With this in mind, you need to properly inspect the brake system within your vehicle so that it is ready for spring.

Mechanic replacing the brakes on a vehicle

Once you have taken these steps in maintaining your vehicle, then it will be ready to tackle the roads for the next season. We at CWS 4×4 want to make sure that the drivers on the roads are as safe as possible, which is why we provide spare parts for people who have 4x4s, as they are one type of vehicle that is more likely to experience problems during winter.

If you want to know more, then contact us today; we will be more than happy to help.

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