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Leading Residual Values for the New Land Rover Discovery

Although the announcement of a new Land Rover Discovery came way back in September, the car manufacturing giant is already reporting that the newer model is already leading the way with incredible residual values.

The model, which is due to be released fully in spring 2017, is said to be set to retaining around 59% of its value over 3 years or 36,000 miles. This means a fantastic deal should be heading our way, with unbeatable finance offers on the new car for people looking to buy.

What Is Different About the New Model?

With so many variants of the Discovery model being released, what is so different about this model that is making it retain so much of its value?

With three rows of comfortable, full-sized seating available, there’s more than enough room for seven passengers to enjoy a comfortable journey in the latest instalment in the Discovery collection.

What’s more, these seats can be configured from your smart phone – implementing the first remote Intelligent Seat Fold technology. That’s right, you can move your seating and adapt it for you needs from your home!

A Safe Family Ride

Safety has been always been something that Land Rover have been dedicated to ever since the brand began – and the new Discovery is no different.

With countless pieces of semi-autonomous safety technology installed in the vehicle, drivers will be able to have peace of mind that both they and their passengers are safe while travelling – even on rough terrain, thanks to the architecture of the vehicle which has been perfected over many years.

There’s also plenty of storage space; up to 2,500 litres of luggage space with some of the storage space being specifically designed and placed to aid the needs and requirements of a 21st Century family.

With USB ports, charging points and an in-car 3G WiFi hotspot that can connect up to eight devices, this new Discovery model is really bringing the family back together and making it possible to go about daily life – no matter what that may entail!

The Leading Residual Values

The figures which show that the new Land Rover Discover is leading the residual values race comes from CAP – a leading expert in the automotive industry. With many benefits to this new car, including the points we made above, it looks like the Discovery is set to become a firm favourite here in the UK when it launches.

With a heavy focus on reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, it means that buyers will be getting a lot more for their money while paying less than other buyers who purchase similar cars.

The Managing Director for Jaguar Land Rover here in the UK, Jeremy Hicks, has high hopes for the new model.

“The new Discovery is already proving to be immensely competitive against the established competition. High residuals and reduced running costs mean that Discovery customers can enjoy all the improved benefits over the outgoing Discovery and its peers for less.”

Here at CWS 4×4, we’re excited to see these new models hitting the roads next spring! If you’re an owner of a 4×4 and are in serious need of some spare parts for your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today – we’ll be more than happy to help you!


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