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Jaguar Land Rover: Special Vehicles Operations

Land Rovers have been amongst the police’s favourite vehicles for many years, as their features allow them to perform incredibly well both on and off the road. These vehicles have also been used in a wide range of situations, and not just because of their high performance. Land Rovers can be luxury bespoke vehicles that are individually tailored to your needs – at least, this is the case with Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations.

Special Operations

Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Operation Vehicles department builds non-standard cars, which vary slightly from other Land Rovers – sometimes in terms of colour. This is an engineered-to-order section with a back catalogue full of commissions – some of which were ordered by royalty, British or otherwise.



And now Jaguar has just launched a 202mph F-Type SVR which, according to their tradition of adding an ‘R’, is a race car, and a more transgressive special at that. To be able to be classified as an SVR, the vehicle needs to be lighter and more aerodynamically efficient, as well as more powerful than other ranges. The wheels of the stunning 202mph F-Type are wider and lighter, which allows for bigger tyres to be fitted, and the suspension is stiffer than other models, meaning this vehicle has a great cornering capacity. The brakes are also one of the SVR’s greatest features, as they’re made from carbon-ceramic and fitted to improve the car’s braking ability; and due to its titanium exhaust, the car saved on 12kg of extra weight.

This SVR will be available as both Coupe and Convertible, although the convertible won’t be able to reach the 200mph speed, topping out instead at 194mph. The rear part of the car can lift by up to 80%, but to achieve maximum speed it needs to be lowered. This is a sports car, pure and simple, as its racing abilities are top notch, but it’s also a comfortable, luxurious vehicle at the same time.


Another vehicle recently issued by Jaguar is the SVA, or SV Autobiography. The personalisation of the Autobiography was already part of the Land Rover range, and is now extended to Range Rovers. You can expect a luxurious vehicle created with precision and sophistication, tailored to answer specific needs.

With a 550HP V8 Supercharged engine, you’ll certainly be able to enjoy one of the most powerful engines on the market right now. The interior was styled according to British craftsmanship, and designed to be comfortable and fashionable; you can even take the vehicle to less than perfect road conditions and the journey will still be smooth.

Jaguar Land Rover’s latest models are stunning vehicles that come straight from their Special Operations department, and which offer you some of the best car features out there. If you’d like to learn more about these vehicles or the services we provide at CWS 4×4, like our spare parts for your Land Rover, feel free to contact us on 01458 834 930 and we’ll answer all your questions!

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