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How to Take Care of Your Vehicle in Summer

We might still be in spring, but summer is just around the corner. With it, comes the need to protect your car from the heat of the warmer season. Many people choose summer to travel and go on holiday, so making sure that both you and your car are prepared to deal with the high temperatures.

After all, your 4×4 can break down or get damaged if exposed to heat for long periods of time! So, what can you do to prevent this and ensure that your vehicle is ready for summer?


A basic, but crucial, element of any car! You need to check and refill the coolant fluid on a regular basis, as this component is extremely important to keep your vehicle running smoothly; especially in high temperatures.


The sunlight can impact the rubber in your windshield wipers. The material can become degraded over time when exposed to extreme temperatures or to the direct rays of sun. also, because the wiper blades tend to accumulate debris and dust from everyday use, it is essential that you clean them, as they can drag that debris across your windshield and maybe even damage it. even if they won’t, they still won’t be as efficient as you’d want them to be if they’re not clean!

Tyre Pressure

A fundamental law of science is that heat makes air expand. This means that you need to be mindful of the pressure in your tyres, as it should remain at optimal levels. Each vehicle is different, so your 4×4 will have different specifications. In addition to this, keeping your tyre pressure at recommended levels can help you to avoid burst tyres!

Cooling Fan

This is another vital element of your vehicle. Sometimes, but most especially in summer, your car can easily overheat, which means its components will have to work overtime and under stress. This can lead to them becoming damaged.

The cooling fan activates automatically when there is overheating, and draws in air through the radiator to cool the engine. Without this fan, the coolant might boil and cause damage to the engine. If your fan is not functioning as it should, then you should have it looked at, fixed or replaced.

Your vehicle, whether a 4×4 or not, needs to be properly taken care of, especially during summer and winter when both weather and temperatures are extreme. If you need to replace vehicle parts due to overheating or other types of damage, we have what you need here at CWS 4×4 – so, just talk to a friendly member of our team and get your car in order as soon as possible!

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