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Best Looking 4x4s on Sale Right Now!

To some people out there, 4x4s are seen as valuable only for their ability to get you places that the average car simply can’t. People simply don’t see the variety available, to fans like us though 4x4s are the most varied and good looking vehicles on the road!

To show just how much we love them we’ve gone and put together our list of the 3 best looking 4x4s currently available. Now to make sure that beauties like the Ferrari FF and Nissan GTR couldn’t sneak in we are limiting this to traditional 4x4s only: that means high riding, 4/5 doors and actual off-road ability.

Porsche Cayenne

First on our list is Porsche’s first effort at making a 4×4, and the first generation launched in 2002 wasn’t exactly a looker. With over a decade of work though, Porsche have really sculpted this 4×4 into a great looking vehicle, and its talents don’t end there.

With up to 570 horsepower available and a top speed of up to 176 mph, this is one of the most capable vehicles ever made and is a favourite among reviewers and WAGs alike.

Range Rover Sport

Now here at CWS 4×4 we are experts in Land Rover parts, but don’t worry, this vehicle has earned its place here, no bias involved. The Range Rover Sports first iteration was based on the Discovery which, despite being epic, isn’t very sporty and meant that the first generation car wasn’t exactly sprightly.

Now though, the Sport is lighter, stiffer and of significantly more powerful and efficient. More pertinent to our list though is the fact that the new car seems to have the perfect proportions and is undoubtedly a great looking car. We’ll take ours in estoril blue and in the full fat SVR trim!

Mercedes GLC

The new boy on the block arrives at the party with a lot to prove but this is probably the best example of fashionably late we have ever seen. 4x4s that look like coupes have been a dangerous game in the past, and the BMW X6 shows that they aren’t always good looking; the Mercedes, on the other hand, absolutely nails it.

It manages to disguise its size with flowing lines and curves and early reports hint towards it being epic to drive as well!

So if you are planning on heading down to the showroom and signing on the dotted line, we hope that our little list has helped you to nail down exactly which option you are buying.

If however, you are already the proud owner of a 4×4 that is in need of a little TLC then look no further, here at CWS, we’re experts in finding the right part and have a wide variety of 4×4 and Land Rover spares available. For all the details on our parts, simply contact us today and we will be happy to help.

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