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Automotive Industry Trends 2017

The automotive industry is constantly evolving and developing new technology that allows for the optimised use of vehicles. The past years have seen vehicles become more and more efficient, as well as considering their impact on the environment.

2017 won’t be that different; with alternative fuels and vehicles becoming more and more popular in conjunction with the increasing digital connectivity, the next decades look very exciting for the automotive industry.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles and alternative fuels have increased in popularity in thew past few years. Batteries and other components have become cheaper, enabling the widespread use of electric vehicles on modern roads. With the continuous decline of oil reserves, these alternative energy vehicles have positively impacted the market, raising its expected value to $614 billion by 2022.

Charging stations in China have risen to 49,000 between 2010 and 2015, with the country planning to expand the numbers to 12,000 more in centralised regions and 4.8 million in provincial areas by 2020. This is likely to ensure the increase in manufacturing and expand the market exponentially.


IoT and Vehicles

With the Internet of Things (IoT) increasingly connecting all devices together, vehicles are no different. These will have more and more apps and functions that allow for ease of navigation and access to the internet. Certain digital functions are already becoming standard in modern vehicles, with the latest models providing customers with top of the line vehicles that are interconnected with their mobile phone.

In addition, services such as Uber have increased this necessity for digital functions and apps, as customers prefer differential services that highlight Wi-Fi and other useful apps.


Efficient Materials and Automation

The increase in environmental protection concerns and recycling are part of the rise in more efficient materials for manufacturing. With electric and hybrid vehicles’ increasing popularity, the necessity for new materials is also increasing. Throughout the supply chain, all processes will be streamlined due to automation; automation is a big step in the Industry 4.0 and it will bring big changes in how vehicles are manufactured.

The increase in connectivity between smart devices will only enhance the way vehicles are utilised. From companies to vehicle lovers, everyone will be able to enjoy their favourite content in vehicles, be it films or music, as phones, tablets, and other devices are easily connected to vehicles. In addition, vehicles will increasingly become more efficient, with materials that help to protect the environment and transform the way we see cars.

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